Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dom DeLuise

Hi K,

It's been a while. Sorry. Last month of school and all. Grading 36 student's stories right now. I hate having to put a grade on creative writing. Puts me in a bad mood. Let me just teach. . .

Anyway, quick note. I saw that Dom DeLuise died. Sad. He seemed like a nice guy. My parents knew him, and I was always told that he fed me my first bite of real food--a can of mushed-up baby food peas, I think. He happened to stop by the day my mom was going to try something besides formula, and asked if he could feed me. Guess it worked out well, since I'm perfectly happy eating these days. So here's to family stories, and to Dom DeLuise.

Peace and all good things,


Lisa and Laura said...

Hi Sarah - We live (and write) in Cleveland as well! In fact one of us lives right across the street from John Carroll. I'm so happy we stumbled across your blog!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

I love this post, Sarah. I love that tiny little anecdote, and the image of Dom DeLuise feeding Baby Sally her firs bite.