Wednesday, October 29, 2008

new job

Dear K,
Hello again. Lot’s of excuses for not writing sooner. One of them, though, I get to blame on Neal, who suggested a few novels to read. I got Beauty, by Sherri S. Tepper, and I’m loving it. So thanks to Neal for that. It’s a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and the story completely pulls me in (as well as the writing), and I find I’m making more time to read again. It’s amazing the time you can find to read when a book won’t let you go.

Also, I’m writing again. A couple essays, the next novel, book reviews. Can’t say what triggered it, but I’m glad it’s back again. And I’ve started another job. (I’m one, obviously, who pieces together my life. Sometimes I wonder if a nine to five job would be easier–I’d be in one place all day, get a steady paycheck, etc, but I just can’t see myself doing that.) Anyway, I’m going to work part time at Loganberry Books. I went there a few weeks ago and "I’d love to work here," slipped out of my mouth, and I realized I meant it. Harriet, who owns the place, actually took me at my word, called me up, interviewed me (that was not easy–she had a test I had to take, and I freeze on tests), then called and said she’d like to give me try. I imagine I’ll shelve books, sell books, take care of books, all in this lovely bookstore, somewhere around 15 hours a week. Stop in if you can. I’ll be there Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons.

So now I’m teaching at JCU, Hiram (coming up), Antioch’s low residency program, have a few private students, am working at a bookstore, and writing. It’s not as much as it sounds–I still have the best life, writing this now in my PJ’s, loving all I do–and then there’s Ron, loving me and helping in all ways. And I write more the less time I have. Don’t know why. You ever find you do that? Write more when free time actually gets tighter? I wonder what that’s all about.
Anyway, off to read a bit of Beauty. I’m with Neal–I highly recommend it.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Dear K,
I am ashamed. Something in my emotional core yelled duck and cover, and I have. I have never played chicken like this before. I believed I was tougher than any adversary. Words and will power. Friends and good karma. These things would get me through. And they did. You know that. And really, I’m okay, safe and sound and loved. But I can find peace now only in a small space I’ve found for myself. I apologize for this, because it’s wrong not to fight the need to duck and cover–if I’m not in the actual way of harm. But so much I love is. Which makes it even worse I’m not up and fighting, but allow me this, please, for a little. It’s just my turn, and I’m taking it. There are so many people out there speaking up about the world and politics, in wise and passionate ways. I can’t add to that, and I never meant this blog to do that anyway. It was supposed to be about writing and reading. So here: I just read The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. A page-turner. A fascinating story that pulled me into a make-believe world. I need more page-turners. God, remember reading Shogun for the first time? The Stand? If you have any suggestions, let me know. I want a big fat book.

Peace and all good things,
and love, always that,