Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For Ron

No moon, just catch your breath
dark. What we wanted:
The light
of a billion stars.

This storm passes too slow
for the movement of us, caught
in the box-step, ready to rumba
and roar.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Killing your darlings means taking out what doesn't work from a story, even if you love it.

This one landed here for a final breath.

As the day's heat lessens, birds cry out calls of ownership, love and need, all mingling together into a clamor of I’m hereRight hereStay awayHelloHelloFind meLove meWe’re starvingFeed usHurryMomMineHelloStay awayHurryHello!  Hello!”
Indigo Buntings scissor the air with high pitched song.  Blue Jays arrow from branch to branch, announcing their flight, more important than anyone else.  Crows gang up on bigger birds.  Want to fightCome on, come on, want to fight?  Sparrows, the white trash of the bird kingdom, serenade more sweetly than expected.  Mourning Doves pretend to be owls in the distance.  Chipmunks (not birds, but want to be their friends even though they are often ignored because they are like the boy who cried wolf) make an annoying sound like a nail being hammered into tin, over and over and over again.  Cardinals only speak to each, so much in-love that they must stay in constant contact.  Hawks, high above, whistle like a tea kettle in the heavens.  And robins sunbathe, waiting for a moment of silence before bursting into full fledged song, putting the rest to shame. 
Then by nine or so, they begin to quiet, and the world belongs to louder voices coming from inside houses built too near each other, the narrow alleys encasing the echoes, holding on to them until morning when they finally drift upwards with the fog, leaving pressure on eyes, aches in throats, and dreams in tender hearts of a sweeter song, somewhere, sometime, long ago.  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another poem for poetry month


After deaths
shared, breaths
held, words
measured, false gods,
now we don’t speak.

Remember the tall hay,
gooseberries? I dared you
to climb that tree.

It’s time
to cobble us together again,
no one left but us
to die.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Any suggestions for a title?


I pebble poems,
nuggets dense
as dry hearts.

Only I know
what shape
they braved
before I carved them
from the vein.