Friday, July 4, 2008

Chautauqua Writing Classes, and blogs

Anyone who knows me at all knows that Chautauqua, NY has been an important place in my life. I’ve been going there since I was five weeks old. I’ve never lived in the Chautauqua Institution, but that’s where the boys’ and girls’ club is that I went to (where they tossed me, screaming, into the lake twice a day), and the theater where my father acted and directed (and I worked for four summers.) I’ve taught at the Chautauqua Writers’ Center several times, and now I’m going to be doing a workshop at The Spencer Hotel, in the fall. I’m giving some advance notice here because I’m going to cap the class at nine people, so that everyone will get the attention and help they need.

The Spencer Hotel has author's themes for each of its rooms, and offers writing workshops, as well as a lot of other fun packages. Here's a link to the writing classes. You can scroll down to find my class.

And speaking of things Chautauqua, I’ve got a new short story out in Chautauqua: 20th Anniversary of the Chautauqua Writers' Center. It’s a collection of poetry and prose by writers who have taught at the Chautauqua Writers’ Center.

And speaking of me, this is exactly what feels so weird about blogging. I’ve got this place where I tell you what I’m up to. Well, that’s all nice and helpful for people who are looking for writing classes, or maybe something I’ve written, but obviously a blog needs to be something more. I follow friends’ blogs because they share their thoughts, photos and drawings, and by going to their page I feel like I’m staying in touch, even on a busy day. I don’t go to the blogs of people I don’t know–except for this one I used to go to called Miss Snark. She’s a literary agent who gave some great advice and answered questions about writing and publishing, all in a very funny, snarky voice. She’s stopped blogging now, but you can still go and see her archives.

So, since I’m a writer, I guess some writerly things would be nice on this blog. I’m going to give this a try. Post something writerly every week. Maybe a quote, maybe a bit of advice I’ve just heard and loved. Maybe a book recommendation. Maybe something writerly I’m thinking about at the moment. And, like Miss Snark, I will try to answer some writerly questions. So send me a question, to and I’ll pick the ones I might actually have an answer for, or a thought or a suggestion.

peace and all good things.


michael salinger said...

it's been a week - time for anew post Sarah!

Jacob said...

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