Friday, August 1, 2008

Workshop at The Spencer canceled

Note: My writers' workshop at The Spencer (see previous post) has been canceled. They are going to revamp their whole special events calendar. It was their first year at trying to offer programs and events, and they’ve just realized that their wonderful ideas may have been a lot of fun, but maybe they were over ambitious in their expectations. They are scaling back by about half, but promise me I’ll be there sometime in the next year. So for those of you who have expressed interest, I’ll certainly post something as soon as I know when that will be. Thanks for those notes letting me know you were going to register, and I hope to se you there in the future.

P.S. I get lovely notes from people who stop by this blog, sent to my e-mail address, which is perfectly fine, but I’d love to develop a place where writers can talk and get to know each other, so please remember to post a comment here too!


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